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Perfect Timing Podcast


Perfect Timing Podcast

Perfect Timing Podcast w/ 1st Lady @Avion_The_Mogul & @FlyTyThePromoter

Two imperfect women speaking on current events, day to day relationship issues, and questions.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019


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First and foremost, we would like to send a HUGE shout out to all of the artists who participated in the creation of this project. Special thanks to Truth Falls Audio for engineering and bringing life to this project. Also, a special shout out to graphic designer CEO Vizuals for the cover concepts. Finally, we want to thank YOU, The supporters from Day 1 as well as any new supporters along the way, we couldn’t do this without you. We know you’re gonna like it so check it out, And Stay Tuned for Vol. 2!!

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Artist Troyse (Baltimore, MD)

Track 3: Vamanos
Artist: Troyse

Artist Bio

He knows his mission in life. He is determined to follow his path no matter what. It is this resolution that makes Brandon 'Troyse' Williams an unstoppable creative soul. Immersed in music from a young age, Brandon, also known simply as "Troyse," followed his dreams by understanding the music industry first. By taking his music as a driving force, Brandon creates his artistic flow from real life experiences and brings them fruition with his beats riffs and arrangements. In life, Troyse has made his message and music his mission. 

Troyse developed his skill set initially by working behind the scenes in the business. It was later when he would step forward to release his music as an artist. His foundation in fundamentals would eventually open doors for him. “I think it was integral for me to gather knowledge first, and it allowed me to develop stylistically over time,” he explains.

Growing up in Baltimore, MD, Brandon recalls early years of his childhood being around his father who is also a guitarist. Brandon says, “I fondly remember when Dad was around earlier on in my life. I would go to the basement where he had his set up and jam with him while he was practicing for his gigs.” His father’s record collection of artists from Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin and many of the classic rock greats.

At the age of fifteen, it was Troyse cousin Lenny who took him under his wing and gave Troyse a notebook, a pen, and a CD player. Thirty minutes later, Troyse had completed his first rap verse giving him this epiphany, “music is my mission.”

Pop Artist Nitason (Atlanta, GA)

Track 6: Party All Night Long
Artist: Nitason feat. Mike B

Artist Bio

If people are not mispronouncing his name then they are definitely trying to figure out where it came from. Nitason enjoys telling people that his name is simply a dedication to his mother. When you take the second half of his mother’s name, which is Venita, and combine his relationship to her at the end, you end up with “Nitason.” Nitason, who was born Michael Walker II, is an R&B singer/songwriter who believes that music is the best way to express your true feelings.

Nitason recalls the many times that his teachers would discipline him in class because he was either singing too loud or making beats with his hand and pencil on his desk. His mother convinced him to join the church choir and friends and family supported the idea of Nitason pursuing a music career. 
With his new zeal for singing, Nitason performed as a teenager at various nightclubs and talent shows causing his love for music and performing to grow even more. After moving to Georgia in 2007, Nitason continued to work hard and was able to open up for various major artists such as Tank, Lloyd, Babyboy, and Dondria. This singer/songwriter gets his inspiration from a host of different genres. Nitason enjoys the classic Motown sound of the Temptations and artist like Stevie wonder, but is also inspired by more modern artist such as Usher, Trey Songs, Chris Brown and Avant. Nitason’s mother, who also sings, continues to be the root of his inspiration. She constantly reminds him to stay humble and keep his faith in God. 
Nitason has recently completed his first mixtape titled “FOREVA SUPACOOL”. This album will highlight his songwriting and arranging talents. A few other artists are also featured on this project. 
“My motivation is to surround myself with people with the same drive and ambition to get what they want. I am going to continue to write hits no matter what. The money and fame will come, but my dream is that my music is accepted into the hearts of people around the world.” -Nitason-

Rap Artist King Juelz (Wilmington, Delaware)

Track 13: Wave
Artist: King Juelz 

Artist DBoon (Trinidad)

Track 8: Closer
Artist: Daniel Boon 

Artist Bio

Uh huhh Dass Rightttt....

This young entertainer 30 year old,
Goes by the name
DBoon aka Daniel Boon ''Trinidadian born, canadian raised,brings an alternate feel too the game with his Caribbean roots and versatility.
Both aesthetically and lyrically pleasing, he marries a unique flow with sexy commercial content-making his verses easy listening, With his catchy hooks and choruses to make the audience dance and sing along during high energy performances. DBoon will give veteran rappers a run for their money.

Rap/Pop Artist Blackway (Ghana/Cali/NY)

Track 9: Cake

Spanish Artist Papi Shoz (Santiago, Chile)

Track 10: Voy Y Vuelvo
Artist: Papi Shoz

Artist Bio

Oscar Andrés Molina Collins, known in the artistic world as
SHOZ, is a rapper, radio broadcaster, sound engineer, composer, singer and urban music producer. He was born in Santiago de Chile, on July 6, 1992. He started his musical career in 2008, when he was only 15 years old, venturing into Hip Hop, writing and performing rap songs under the stage name of "Shozcar". The year 2010 began to create rap instrumentals independently and one year later, with the desire to professionalize his music, he entered to study Sound Engineering, career which he graduated
years later.

For eight years he participated in three rap groups, made musical
connections with Chilean and Argentinean artists and producers, but in 2016 he decided to expand his musical genre and give a new vision to his career, adopting the new stage name "SHOZ". Trap, Reggaeton and Dancehall are only part of some of the genres that he started producing.That same year, he began to undertake in other disciplines, but never far from the music scene, starting a career as a radio announcer, creating the program "#MADEINCHILE, focused on being a support space for emerging national artists, which is transmitted to the present through Candy

Their first single, released in 2017, is called "Cream Caramel", followed by their song "Voy y Vuelvo" (2018), both of the genre Trap, songs that have been broadcast on radio stations in Chile and the United States.He is currently working on what will be his first studio album, entitled"DAMA", which contains 9 songs that speak of romance and passion, on rhythms of urban music, such as Trap, Dancehall, Reggaeton and Funio Carioca. The album is being produced in conjunction with trap producer Tyto Kush, and has collaborative participation's from producers KPBTS,
Dakos "The Musical Arsenal", Brokaefe and Melou D.
The album will be released in May 2019.

Rap Artist Kris Payne (Long Island, NY)

Track 5: W.O.P
Artist: Kris Payne 

Artist Bio

Kris Payne is an artist from Long Island, NY. Payne was born in North Carolina, raised in Brooklyn, and spent his last decade Baldwin NY. Kris is a highly intellectual college student who knows how to mix the book smarts with the street smarts. He holds back nothing in rhymes. Learning a lot from his struggles in Brooklyn and realizing his blessings in Baldwin, he speaks about it all in his rhymes. Kris Payne is not today’s average rapper. His flow and lyrics will take you back in time. His smooth but raw flow compares him to the likes of Biggie LL Cool J and Dr. Dre. This Ace in the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity plans to be the hip hop spokesman for all Greeks. 
His popularity around Long Island and New York City has recently been growing with his unanimous decision wins in battles. Although he crushes competition he has decided to leave the battling behind to prove to the world that he can be in the same conversation as the great names in the game, but before he gives it up he has decided he wants to take talents to the big stage on BET 106 and Park’s freestyle Friday. Being a close friend to last years winner Blind Fury he has learned what and what not to do on the grand stage. With his upcoming appearance on 106 and Park his current fame will be reaching a world wide mass. As well as his 106 and park appearance he will also have a few songs that will be hitting campus and national radio stations very soon. In the Fall Kris will be releasing the Bring The Payne 2 his debut LP. As well as Kris featuring in movies over seas abroad such as “Netflix’s” “BATTLE MOVIE” stay tuned for more from Kris Payne as he ranks up in this game we know as Hip-Hop!

Rap Artist MaizyF ( Toronto, Canada)

Track 11: Who Is You
Artist: Maizy F 

Artist Bio
 Hard work and dedication may as well be MaizyF’s middle names because that is what she is all about. Not only is she a skilled emcee with new music currently blowing up both radio and TV, but she’s also the mastermind behind the 6ix Female Cypher in Toronto. 
Since stepping into the game, MaizyF has made sure to get her hands on every aspect of the business. As an artist, she’s been featured on BET Freestyle Friday and ranked Top 5 in toronto by an industry panel, as well as on 93.5FM with her latest singles “No Wallet” and “Who is You?” Each showcasing that MaizyF is an unstoppable force, and everyone needs to stay out of way because she’s going fast towards the top of her industry. 
Laying modern trap and pop on top of a well-managed hip-hop base, MaizyF creates layer upon layer of dynamic sounds when she steps into the studio and up to the mic. She notes, “I focus on melodies when it comes to producing and singing, and when it comes to writing rapping I focus on flow and wordplay,” adding, “My rhymes can be interpreted in many different ways based on the listener and their point of view which is what makes me a very metaphorical and symbolic artist.” 
On top of countless radio streams, TV appearances that include Rogers TV Canada and film placements, MaizyF is also heavily focused on her 6ix Female Cypher. The previous nine rounds have featured an array of talented women and she notes that the 10th round is something not to be missed. MaizyF calls is “the best yet.” 
“No Wallet” and “Who is You?” are both out now. Those interested in featuring one or both on their playlists or sites can reach out via the information provided below. The same goes for those interested in speaking with MaizyF about her music and the 6ix Female Cypher or attending the 10th round live. 
#StepIntoTheMaze #The6ixFemaleCypher

Artist The Band Voyager (Kingston, Ontario/Canada)

Track 4: Can't Slow Us Down

Artist: The Band Voyager

Artist Bio
VOYAGER is an experimental hip-hop electronic fusion group formed between Adam Chartrand, Christopher Dorsch and Lucas Ruddell. With booming trap beats, sweeping guitars, technical rap skills and big choruses, Voyager achieves melodic, melancholic and moody vibes. Currently residing within their hometown of Kingston, Ontario, Voyager focuses on building their brand on social media, playing live shows for their fans, and recording their upcoming mix-tape, Trapped in Space set to release this year.

Voyager formed less than 2 years ago when the producer of the group's longtime girlfriend unexpectedly passed away. The group started writing and recording together as a way to cope with the loss. From then on the group continued to make music that they felt was important to make... and then slowly started making trap music for fun. Within the last year Voyager has taken over their city by storm, releasing 2 projects in a short couple of months as well as experiencing rapid growth on their instagram page.

Voyager plans on continuing their current momentum by taking over the local rap scene by force and eventually the world's.

Rap Artist FSG Rell (Pottstown, PA)

Track 12:Gucci Prada Fendi
Artist: FSG Rell

Artist Bio 

FSG Rell is from a small city-like area called  Pottstown, PA about 30-40 minutes from the city of Philadelphia aka Philly. Rell’s a rapper, clothing ambassador, and a young entrepreneur. 20 year old rapper who has been in the music industry since he was 14 years old. His fans have told him that he has an up-tempo flow, gritty background & also a style that gives me a sound nobody has ever heard before. He can rap and also sing on any beat, which he takes pride in, humbly of course. 
Most of his music is recorded at Rotation Records & The Notorious Quad Studios. FSG Rell is managed by Dante George aka "FSG Tae". Rell has released several mixtapes out such as “FMB”, “No Lookin Back”, & “HighSchool Debut”. His latest single Gucci Prada Fendi is out on all platforms & has been on national radio. In the past 5 months the rapper has been busy. He gained interest from Atlantic Records, landing a meeting with them. Within those couple months, he has been interviewed by DJ Smallz Eyes, Saycheese digital, & various radio stations. His music can be found on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, & every other major music platform.