Saturday, February 16, 2019

Rap Artist MaizyF ( Toronto, Canada)

Track 11: Who Is You
Artist: Maizy F 

Artist Bio
 Hard work and dedication may as well be MaizyF’s middle names because that is what she is all about. Not only is she a skilled emcee with new music currently blowing up both radio and TV, but she’s also the mastermind behind the 6ix Female Cypher in Toronto. 
Since stepping into the game, MaizyF has made sure to get her hands on every aspect of the business. As an artist, she’s been featured on BET Freestyle Friday and ranked Top 5 in toronto by an industry panel, as well as on 93.5FM with her latest singles “No Wallet” and “Who is You?” Each showcasing that MaizyF is an unstoppable force, and everyone needs to stay out of way because she’s going fast towards the top of her industry. 
Laying modern trap and pop on top of a well-managed hip-hop base, MaizyF creates layer upon layer of dynamic sounds when she steps into the studio and up to the mic. She notes, “I focus on melodies when it comes to producing and singing, and when it comes to writing rapping I focus on flow and wordplay,” adding, “My rhymes can be interpreted in many different ways based on the listener and their point of view which is what makes me a very metaphorical and symbolic artist.” 
On top of countless radio streams, TV appearances that include Rogers TV Canada and film placements, MaizyF is also heavily focused on her 6ix Female Cypher. The previous nine rounds have featured an array of talented women and she notes that the 10th round is something not to be missed. MaizyF calls is “the best yet.” 
“No Wallet” and “Who is You?” are both out now. Those interested in featuring one or both on their playlists or sites can reach out via the information provided below. The same goes for those interested in speaking with MaizyF about her music and the 6ix Female Cypher or attending the 10th round live. 
#StepIntoTheMaze #The6ixFemaleCypher

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