Saturday, February 16, 2019

Rap Artist Kris Payne (Long Island, NY)

Track 5: W.O.P
Artist: Kris Payne 

Artist Bio

Kris Payne is an artist from Long Island, NY. Payne was born in North Carolina, raised in Brooklyn, and spent his last decade Baldwin NY. Kris is a highly intellectual college student who knows how to mix the book smarts with the street smarts. He holds back nothing in rhymes. Learning a lot from his struggles in Brooklyn and realizing his blessings in Baldwin, he speaks about it all in his rhymes. Kris Payne is not today’s average rapper. His flow and lyrics will take you back in time. His smooth but raw flow compares him to the likes of Biggie LL Cool J and Dr. Dre. This Ace in the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity plans to be the hip hop spokesman for all Greeks. 
His popularity around Long Island and New York City has recently been growing with his unanimous decision wins in battles. Although he crushes competition he has decided to leave the battling behind to prove to the world that he can be in the same conversation as the great names in the game, but before he gives it up he has decided he wants to take talents to the big stage on BET 106 and Park’s freestyle Friday. Being a close friend to last years winner Blind Fury he has learned what and what not to do on the grand stage. With his upcoming appearance on 106 and Park his current fame will be reaching a world wide mass. As well as his 106 and park appearance he will also have a few songs that will be hitting campus and national radio stations very soon. In the Fall Kris will be releasing the Bring The Payne 2 his debut LP. As well as Kris featuring in movies over seas abroad such as “Netflix’s” “BATTLE MOVIE” stay tuned for more from Kris Payne as he ranks up in this game we know as Hip-Hop!

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