Saturday, February 16, 2019

Pop Artist Nitason (Atlanta, GA)

Track 6: Party All Night Long
Artist: Nitason feat. Mike B

Artist Bio

If people are not mispronouncing his name then they are definitely trying to figure out where it came from. Nitason enjoys telling people that his name is simply a dedication to his mother. When you take the second half of his mother’s name, which is Venita, and combine his relationship to her at the end, you end up with “Nitason.” Nitason, who was born Michael Walker II, is an R&B singer/songwriter who believes that music is the best way to express your true feelings.

Nitason recalls the many times that his teachers would discipline him in class because he was either singing too loud or making beats with his hand and pencil on his desk. His mother convinced him to join the church choir and friends and family supported the idea of Nitason pursuing a music career. 
With his new zeal for singing, Nitason performed as a teenager at various nightclubs and talent shows causing his love for music and performing to grow even more. After moving to Georgia in 2007, Nitason continued to work hard and was able to open up for various major artists such as Tank, Lloyd, Babyboy, and Dondria. This singer/songwriter gets his inspiration from a host of different genres. Nitason enjoys the classic Motown sound of the Temptations and artist like Stevie wonder, but is also inspired by more modern artist such as Usher, Trey Songs, Chris Brown and Avant. Nitason’s mother, who also sings, continues to be the root of his inspiration. She constantly reminds him to stay humble and keep his faith in God. 
Nitason has recently completed his first mixtape titled “FOREVA SUPACOOL”. This album will highlight his songwriting and arranging talents. A few other artists are also featured on this project. 
“My motivation is to surround myself with people with the same drive and ambition to get what they want. I am going to continue to write hits no matter what. The money and fame will come, but my dream is that my music is accepted into the hearts of people around the world.” -Nitason-

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