Saturday, February 16, 2019

Artist The Band Voyager (Kingston, Ontario/Canada)

Track 4: Can't Slow Us Down

Artist: The Band Voyager

Artist Bio
VOYAGER is an experimental hip-hop electronic fusion group formed between Adam Chartrand, Christopher Dorsch and Lucas Ruddell. With booming trap beats, sweeping guitars, technical rap skills and big choruses, Voyager achieves melodic, melancholic and moody vibes. Currently residing within their hometown of Kingston, Ontario, Voyager focuses on building their brand on social media, playing live shows for their fans, and recording their upcoming mix-tape, Trapped in Space set to release this year.

Voyager formed less than 2 years ago when the producer of the group's longtime girlfriend unexpectedly passed away. The group started writing and recording together as a way to cope with the loss. From then on the group continued to make music that they felt was important to make... and then slowly started making trap music for fun. Within the last year Voyager has taken over their city by storm, releasing 2 projects in a short couple of months as well as experiencing rapid growth on their instagram page.

Voyager plans on continuing their current momentum by taking over the local rap scene by force and eventually the world's.

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